We create magic by how we collaborate with smart and creative people to build awesome experiences in any medium.

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Transforming Creative Visions into Reality

At MageWorks.studio, we excel in bringing your imaginative dreams to life. Our expertise lies in crafting exceptional experiences that captivate and engage your audience. Trust in our ability to seamlessly guide your creative journey and unlock the potential of your vision. Experience the magic of professional innovation with MageWorks.studio

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Creative Collaborations

Experience the synergy of collaboration with our dedicated team, as we join forces with fellow creatives to realize your project’s vision. Whether leading the charge or playing a supportive role, our expertise spans various mediums, ensuring your project’s success.

AI Tools for DMs

DM Tool Kit was our first app published in 2023. Its had more than a million dice rolls via its available api. It is primarily used for discord bots or ai chatbots like chatGPT to access a more sophisticated and full featured dice roller. If you would like to utilize it for your own app or game development, contact us for assistance.

AI Art tutorials

AI Art tools are the wave of the future. We at mageworks.studio want to empower other creatives to utilize them to express their ideas more easily. To further this goal, we want to make tutorials that help at least a billion people master this emerging skill set.

Visual Design & Brand Development Consulting

Leverage our extensive expertise in the art of visual storytelling. With years of experience, we’ve mastered the language of symbols to effectively communicate your brand’s unique essence. Trust in our proven approach to elevate your brand’s presence and impact.

Creative Writing & World Development Consulting

We believe wholeheartedly that everyone has a story to tell, often many more than one. The trouble most encounter is how to present it in a captivating and engaging manner. That is where we come in by helping you learn how to assess and iterate on your implementations until you find the success you seek. Or by taking your creative direction and iterating for you. You choose the solution that works best for you.

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We want to share what we create with the world. Maybe others like it, maybe they don’t. That’s not the point really. Being creative and freely expressing that is the ultimate goal.

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Video Production & VFX

Embrace the power of state-of-the-art technology with our video production and VFX services and consulting. Our efficient approach combines cost-effective solutions with unparalleled production quality, giving your projects the visual impact they deserve.

Game Systems Development & Consulting

With more than 30 years experience developing and playtesting game systems and game modifications, having achieve worldwide reach for our 7D2D overhaul mods, we believe we can turn that same focus towards our passions to make new games and systems as well as continue our love for modifying others. Our experience ranges from TTRPGs, board games, card games, tactical wargames, strategy games, and video games.

World Anvil Worlds

We use and love WorldAnvil.com and recommend it to all creatives developing detailed lore for their settings.

& Web Serials

We use and love WorldAnvil.com for publishing weekly stories. If you’re up for an adventure, check them out.

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