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Privacy Policy

Welcome to MageWorks Studio.

AI-Generated Content: At MageWorks Studio, we utilize artificial intelligence, including OpenAI's technology, to create and offer content. We attribute any AI-generated content to our company and clearly indicate its AI-generated nature.

User Responsibility: While interacting with AI on our platform, users are encouraged to follow content standards that adhere to OpenAI's Content Policy and Terms of Use, avoiding material that may be deemed offensive or harmful.

Disclosure: We disclose the role of AI in content creation, ensuring it is unmistakably acknowledged by our users.

Content Ownership: Users maintain responsibility for the content they generate using our platform's AI features and must ensure it aligns with our community standards.

Research Cooperation: MageWorks Studio supports and encourages research concerning AI technologies. We commit to reporting any discovered API safety or security issues through OpenAI's Coordinated Vulnerability Disclosure Program.

Contact: For any inquiries regarding our use of AI or this Privacy Policy, please contact us at 

This policy is subject to updates and changes in accordance with new regulatory requirements and technological advancements.